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Ice in the Stream

Bob Rickman

“When we ask ourselves as photographers, “Was the work successful?”, we are saying, did it open my eyes to something new, remind me of a memory, give me goosebumps, or make me laugh or cry?” David duChemin The Soul of the Camera

Having a vision is the beginning of the photographic process. I envisioned this series of photographs as an on-going project to capture the changes as the year unfolds. Using the theme of “Rivers and Streams” with this work I seek to illuminate the beauty of this natural resource.  I have been fascinated by the ever-changing flow of river water and its use as a metaphor for the constantly changing world in which we live.

In my work as a Shiatsu practitioner, I see the element of water reflected in both the internal energies of the human energy system as well as in the external manifestations in the world that we inhabit. Water can be active and flowing or it can be rigid and frozen. Water can also be overflowing and loose from its boundaries. I aspire to capture these varying aspects as well in my photographic work.

 Using these photographs that range from wide vistas to detail work, I hope to inspire the viewer to go out and see the natural world with new eyes. I plan to continue to develop this collection of photographs adding images as the year progresses and illustrate my vision of this theme of “Rivers and Streams”.

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